A United Voice for Life

On June 24, 2023, we unite to joyfully celebrate the one-year anniversary of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization in which the U. S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and the constitutional right to abortion, giving states the freedom to protect preborn children. We praise God that we now can become a nation without abortion, where every preborn child is protected and given the opportunity for birth and life. 

While our culture has wrestled with the question of unplanned pregnancy and abortion during the past 50 years, innocent lives were destroyed in staggering numbers:  

  • 64 million abortions in the United States   
  • 2.5 million abortions in Texas  
  • 600,000 abortions in Dallas  


After the Dobbs decision, Texas banned abortion except in cases of life-threatening risk to the mother’s health. Nearly all surgical abortions have stopped in Texas, but chemical abortion pills, even though illegal in Texas, continue to be used. Every day, chemical abortions take the lives of an estimated 30 babies in Dallas.

We believe the evidence is clear that abortion is not true care for preborn babies, mothers or fathers. Therefore, we, the undersigned, have joined together to speak these truths with A United Voice for Life.   

We are United on the Humanity of the Preborn Baby: 

  • Human Life begins at conception. 
  • Each preborn baby is without question a human life, is utterly unique, has never existed before and will never exist again. 
  • At fertilization, most preborn babies’ eye color, hair color, height, sex and the size of the nose have already been determined.  
  • At six weeks, most preborn babies’ heartbeat is detectable and brain activity is occurring. 


We are United in Our Compassion: 

We urge any woman who has discovered that she is pregnant to protect the baby in her womb and visit a Pregnancy Resource Center for free medical care, resources and compassionate support. 

We assure any woman who is pregnant, desperate and devoid of hope that we love you and your child.  Jesus also loves you and your baby He created in His image. We invite you to connect with any of the Churches listed below for material resources and compassionate support.   

We invite any family considering adoption and foster care to visit an Adoption and Foster Care Agency to receive loving counsel. 

We plead with any woman who has chosen abortion in the past, and any man or family member who has experienced or encouraged abortion, to seek the grace, forgiveness, healing and love of God by visiting Churches and Faith Organizations that offer post-abortion healing and hope. 

Contact information for resources is available at: councilforlife.org. 

We are United in Our Responsibilities:  

Government officials are duty bound to protect their citizens. Civic leaders, faith leaders, indeed all of us, are called to love our neighbors.  Preborn children are among our most vulnerable neighbors. Many women facing an unplanned pregnancy desperately need medical care, food, baby essentials, parenting training, maternity housing, job skills, adoption and foster care options and educational help. Together, we must meet these needs so families can thrive. 

Please join us in this United Voice for Life by emailing your name to: unitedvoices@councilforlife.org.   


The Undersigned, 

Andrew Adjei, Connections Coordinator, Eastside Community Church
Kristen Ainsworth
Kevin Ainsworth
Sandy Ammons
Kerby Anderson, President, Probe Ministries
David Arvesen
Malinda Arvesen
Timothy Ateek, Teaching Pastor, Watermark Church
Dan Bailey
Fr. Wade Bass, Catholic Diocese of Dallas
Ready Bateman
Martha Lou Beaird
Julie Beiersdorf
Landon Benjamin, Associate Pastor, Gateway Church
John Bentley
Meredith Bentley
Brad Binning
Mary Louise Binning
Evelina Bison
Susan Blackburn
Betsy Bond
Mary Brandt
Tom Brandt
Daniel Brown
Rosalyn Brown
Stacy Burke
Tyler Burke
Shannon Cagnina
Alex Caine
Maggie Caine
Zulay Caine
Lauri Campbell, Women’s Choice Resource Center
David Cardenas
Mary Grace Cardenas
Laura Barker Carlock
Ann Carruth, Council for Life
David Carruth
Cindi Castilla, President, Texas Eagle Forum
Lisa Chenot
Randy Chenot
Dr. Jace Cloud, Senior Pastor, Grace Bible Church
Peyton Coker, Prestonwood Baptist
Clay Cooley, President and CEO Clay Cooley Auto Group
Lisa Cooley
Sarah Connor
Dana Cox, CEO, Metroplex Women’s Clinic
Corbin Crews
Katie Crews
Haylie Crouch
Alexandrea Crutcher, Executive Director, The Lullaby House
Becky Cullum
Mark Davis, Senior Pastor, Park Cities Presbyterian Church
Antoinette Davis
Alex Dean, Senior Pastor, New St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church
Dr. Jim Denison, CEO, Denison Ministries
Jack Denman
Patti Denman
Bill Denton, CEO, LifeSavers Foundation
Sherry Denton
Paul Divis
Tiffany Divis
Bill C. Dotson, Founder, Abiding Fathers
Joanne Dotson
Lissie Donosky
Bryan Dunagan, Senior Pastor, Highland Park Presbyterian Church
Barbara Durham
Jana Beth Eidson
John Elmore, Teaching Pastor, Watermark Church
Suzanne Everbach, Council for Life
Hugh Ferguson
Judy Ferguson
Dr. Walter Fletcher, Pastor and Counselor, Hebron Covenant Community Church
Gini Florer
John Florer
John Lawson Florer
Will Florer
Amy Ford, President, Embrace Grace
Lisa Freeman, Executive Director, Thrive Women’s Clinic
Diann Garnett
Phil Garnett
Julia Geyer
Jennie Gilchrist
Tom Gilchrist
Jor-El Godsey, President, Heartbeat International
Betty Goldmann
Monica Gonzales
Janet Gordon
Michelle Gregory, Executive Director, Mid Cities Women’s Clinic
Stephanie Hagen
Garrett Hall, Young Adult Pastor, Fellowship Dallas
Duane Hallof
Bob Halpin
Mollie Halpin
Louisa Harrington, Client Advocate Thrive Women’s Clinic
Dr. Steven Harris, Ob-Gyn
Cheryl Henry
Dr. Brody Hildebrand
Julie Hildebrand
Kristin Hill, APRN FNP-C RNFA, Council for Life Central Texas
Bette Hoag
W. Robert Hofmann, Board President, Real Options Women’s Clinic
Blake Holmes, Lead Pastor, Elder, Watermark Church
Marie Huggitt
Susan Hulet, Founder, Mercy House
Betsy Hunt
Clark Hunt
Houston Hunt
Tavia Hunt
Sarah Jarrett, Executive Assistant to Eric Metaxas
Bruce Kendrick, Director of Life Initiatives, Watermark Community Church
Mark Ifft, Loreto House
Leanne Jamieson, Executive Director, Prestonwood Pregnancy Center
Philip Jones, Senior Pastor, All Saints Dallas
Sue Justice
Geralyn Kaminsky, Executive Director, Catholic Pro-life Community
Kelli Karlow
Marvin Karlow
J. Kersten
Dan Korem
Sandy Korem
Mark Krog
Stephanie Krog
Rene Lackey
Cindy Leach, CEO, Fort Worth Pregnancy Center
Sam Leopold, Senior Director of Missions, Park Cities Presbyterian Church
J. Keet Lewis
Gary Lewis
Janna Lewis
Miguel Lopez, Senior Pastor, Duncanville First Baptist Church
Tammy Lund
Holt Lunsford
Kaye Dawn Lunsford
D. Scott Luttrell, CEO, LCM Group, Inc.
David Luttrell, CIO, LCM Group, Inc.
Keelie Luttrell, Partner & Realtor, Haven Realty Group
Carrie Lynch, Human Coalition
Doug Maclay
Harriet Maclay
Janet Mariani
Joe Martin, Jr., Senior Pastor, Trinity Church
Nancy B. Martin, Pastor, Trinity Church
Shelly Martin
Kelley Maxwell
Lynda Kay McCrary
Charleen McCulloch
Robert McCulloch
Eric Metaxas, author and speaker
Jan Miller
Joseph F. Miller
Ty Miller
Amy Mitchell
Charles Moncrief, Chaplain Pastor to Episcopal Missionary Church
Lanier Monk
Chris Moomaw
Henry Moomaw
Christopher Morris
Jim W. Morris, Jr.
Lee Anne Morris, Council for Life
William Morris
Kurt Nelson, President & CEO, East-West
Nancy Nelson
William Noble, Jr.
Jessica Ondracek
Priscilla Overton, Council for Life
Stephanie Ott, Metroplex Women’s Clinic
Allan E. Parker, Jr., President, The Justice Foundation.
Lisa Parro
Josh Peck, Highland Park Presbyterian Church
Patrice Peoples
Michael Perron, Minister of Life Recovery, Prestonwood Baptist Church
Dr. Nick Pitts, Institute for Global Engagement, Dallas Baptist University
Terry Reid
Susan Riffe
Janelle Roberts
Charlie Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson
Lisa Roossien
Robert Rowling
Terry Rowling
Emily Scates, Pastor of Discipleship, Highland Park Presbyterian Church
Dr. Ron Scates, Retired Pastor, Highland Park Presbyterian Church
Courtney Schexnayder, Council for Life
Amy Shackelford
Natalie Siegel, Council for Life
Shelle Sills
Chris Simmons, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church
Cathy Sisk
Tony Sisk
Jill Guest Smith
Robert Kinsel Smith
Aaron Snell, Hope Women’s Center
Holly Snell, Hope Women’s Center
Janie Stephens
Joyce K. Stephens
Bob Strasser
Paula Strasser
Shea Sumlin, Senior Pastor, Northway Church
Elizabeth Tamlyn
Ron Tamlyn
Rev. Paul Teske, Founder, Paul Teske Ministries
Rivers Teske, Stop The War On Children & Hidden Choices
Steve Thompson, Pastor, Gateway Church
Billye Turner
Dana Turner
Raymond Turner
Betty Underwood
Linda Vandercook, Council for Life
Dr. Gonzalo Venegas, Ob-Gyn
Teresa VanAcker
Maru Venegas
Alexandria Wagner
Todd Wagner
Dr. Kathryn Waldrep, Ob-Gyn
Dr. Jeff Warren, Senior Pastor, Park Cities Baptist Church
Dr. Cindy Weber
Tony R. Weber
Brian Wertz
Kristin Wertz
Elizabeth C. White
Craig Wideman
Wynne Wideman
Barbara Sue Williams
Dr. Philip Williams
Betsy Willis
Jerry C. Wilson
Rev. Dr. John W. Wilson III, Golden Gate Missionary Baptist
Mona Wilson
Tim Wilson
Dr. Adam C. Wright, President, Dallas Baptist University
Katherine Wyker
Mark M. Yarbrough, PhD, President, Dallas Theological Seminary
Carla Zeller
Lyle Zeller