2017 Council for Life Board - Celebrating Life Luncheon

2017 Council for Life Board - Celebrating Life Luncheon

It started with a vision. . . and a folder. A group of women felt their hearts nudged to plan a beautiful event with a life-affirming message in Dallas.  They labeled a folder and began gathering ideas for speakers and venues. They started talking to friends, and the Lord’s plans became apparent. Eleven friends founded Council for Life. A circle of eleven womeN* began to grow an organization





Since 2001, Council for Life has grown to nearly 1000 members and raised over seven million dollars. Council for Life provides a nexus between the resources and needs as they relate to unplanned pregnancies. We have funded over 48 agencies that benefit women in crisis at pregnancy centers, youth education, media campaigns with life-affirming messages, maternity homes, and adoption programs for birthmothers. 

Our mission is to educate and equip women, men, and youth to make life-affirming decisions. We celebrate Life in all we do.

The annual, sold-out Celebrating Life Luncheon raises hundreds of thousands of dollars that benefit agencies around the City. Other smaller events help to spread a message of hope, dignity, and grace.

Speakers, often sharing for the first time publicly, describe beauty born from their brokenness. Guests hear the Truth, often for the first time, that:

Every human being is an image bearer of our Creator.

Life is precious.

Redemption and renewal are possible.

God loves the broken.

These truths empower people to seek healing. Council for Life is an organization marked by redemption and fueled by hope. Through story, we have changed the tone and countenance of pro-life in Dallas. It's women and men; it’s compassionate; it's winsome; it's life giving; it's not political. We believe every life is a gift. Stand with us. 


Council for Life exists to empower women, men and youth to make life-affirming choices. Council for Life is motivated by Christ-like love and responsive compassion. CFL is committed to raising public awareness of the complex issues that surround unplanned pregnancies and providing financial support to agencies that share our mission.

Core Values: 

We believe in the sanctity of Life and that Life begins at conception.

We exist to equip and educate our community about issues concerning Life.

The Word of God is our foundation of truth.

We seek to ensure that all our endeavors glorify God.

We are committed to undergirding everything we say and do with love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness acting in compassion.

We believe God redeems us and restores us.

We educate, but we do not legislate.


 Council for Life Advisory Board

Council for Life Advisory Board

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