Join us at our Celebrating Life Luncheon on October 28, 2024. Details and tickets here.

Join friends and neighbors in the Frisco area for an expert panel discussion to equip and empower confident answers to the “pro-life” questions so prevalent in the news and conversations.

When does life begin? Is abortion ever necessary? What options are available in our community for women and girls facing unplanned pregnancies? Do pro-lifers only care about the baby in the womb? What support is available for those who have experienced abortion?

Our outstanding panelists will identify common misconceptions, explain medical and scientific evidence and describe the vast free resources available to vulnerable women, men, unborn babies, and families in North Texas.

Hear from Bella House, Hope Women’s Center, Catholic Pro-Life Community and YoungLives, four agencies that offer a pathway of light and hope out of the darkness and confusion of an unplanned pregnancy. This all-star panel will equip you to boldly speak and stand for Life.

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