Grant Timeline

(Note: This section soon to be updated for the 2020 Grant Timeline)

All 2018 Grant Applications and Required Exhibits Due | Friday, September 15 to Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 5:00 pm*         

January/February 2018 | Research and possible site visits

March 2018 | CFL Board votes/Agencies notified

November 2018 | CFL Luncheon

December 2018 | Checks distributed

*All 2018 Grant Applications and required Exhibits must be emailed (in WORD format, when possible, except for the Beneficiary Agreement) ALL TOGETHER to Carroll Turpin at anytime from Friday, September 15 to Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 5:00 pm. In addition, please mail two (2) hard copies of all 2018 Grant Applications and required Exhibits ALL TOGETHER to Carroll Turpin, Council for Life, 4516 Lovers Lane, Suite 103, Dallas, Texas 75225. All Grant Applications and required Exhibits must be received no later than 5:00 pm, November 1, 2017.

Note: Fall Forum is MANDATORY
Agencies that are considering applying for a Council for Life 2018 Grant are required to have a representative (staff member or board member) attend the Beneficiary Fall Forum on Friday, September 15, 2017. A review of the CFL Beneficiary Application as well as the Timeline, Criteria and Guidelines will be discussed during the Fall Forum. This will be very important information for all of our applicants to hear about firsthand!

Please contact Carroll Turpin at for more information on the Fall Forum. 

Council for Life criteria for Beneficiary selection:

  • To have a diverse slate of grants that reflects the complex issues surrounding unplanned pregnancy.

  • To keep the focus on local community initiatives.

  • To consider legitimate operating needs as well as stand-alone projects.

  • To select beneficiaries that are in line with our mission to raise public awareness and empower women, and are motivated by Christ-like love and compassion.

  • Not to fund the same project or need more than two consecutive years.

  • To prevent agencies from becoming financially dependent on the Council. We encourage agencies to develop new community relationships made possible during the grant year; however, we ask that you do not directly solicit new donors (via an underwriting letter) from our membership while in the same year you are selected to receive a grant.

CFL Beneficiary Funding Guidelines:

Beneficiaries may apply for Operating Grant Requests, Capital Grant Requests or a combination of the two.

Operating Grant Requests

Applications for Program, Administrative or Personnel needs may not exceed:

10% of the agency’s current Annual Operating Budget, if the Budget is above $500,000; or

20% of the agency’s current Annual Operating Budget, if the Budget is $500,000 or below.

Capital Grant Requests

Applications for only Capital Grant Requests are not bound by a percentage of the Operating Budget. However, the request must include an on-going written plan for how to sustain the capital project in the agency’s Operating Budget. (Ex. Purchase of a sonogram machine: are funds provided in the Operating Budget for a nurse?)

Combination of Operating and Capital Grant Requests

If an agency requests both Operating and Capital Grants, the total request will be treated as an Operating Grant Request. Therefore, the total request may not exceed 10% or 20% of the current Annual Operating Budget, as applicable based upon the size of the Annual Operating Budget.

We Do Not Fund:

  • Travel

  • Political activity

  • Projects outside our mission

  • Mortgage or debt reduction

Reporting Requirements:

Any agency selected as a 2018 Beneficiary is required to submit in writing two CFL Beneficiary Follow Up Reports on the execution and success of the grant project no later than September 1, 2019 (Interim Report for the 6 month period ending June 30, 2019) and February 1, 2020 (Final Report for the 12 month period ending December 31, 2019). Agencies that fail to abide by these grant requirements may lose funding and may not be considered for future grants. 

2018 Beneficiary Application Form

2018 Beneficiary Agreement

2018 Pregnancy Resource Center Data Form (to be completed by Pregnancy Resource Centers only)

2016 Beneficiary Required Follow Up Reporting Form