The Chantilly Ballroom was filled on Monday, November 14, with nearly 1,500 guests coming together to celebrate a historical year for the cause of LIFE! The Council for Life Celebrating Life Luncheon raised an unprecedented amount allowing us to fully fund our record 28 outstanding 2022 Beneficiaries.


Our hearts our filled with GRATITUDE as we recognize the numerous special individuals who made this joyful gathering possible.

Our outstanding featured speaker was renowned actor Jim Caviezel who is best known for his portrayal of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. Jim has actively lived out his faith and been a powerful voice for the unborn in the spotlight of Hollywood. Not surprisingly, his bold, brave pro-life position has subjected him to persecution.

Jim began his remarks observing that nothing much has changed in 2,000 years since the slaughter of the innocents by Pharaoh and then Herod when children were “sacrificed to the altar of fear, greed and convenience.”

Jim discussed the importance of love and how we must follow Jesus to learn about genuine love. “The side of darkness would like to see love destroyed.” The modern world in its age of disobedience has created a distorted version of love that sees pure giving without expecting something in return as a weakness. For this reason, many children are unwelcome unless they fulfill a need for their parents. “The beginning of Life is the foundation for the beginning of Love…Abortion is murder…Call it what it is. God’s children are your treasure regardless of when your Heavenly Father decides to send them.”

He reminded us that all children despite any physical or mental challenges are “perfect in the eyes of God, and each one of these little beings teaches the world how to truly love. God needs us to be courageous in defending all of these precious children and all of the lives of the unborn.” He stated, “This generation is suffering untold calamities because of the grave, grave sin of abortion…It is the lie that has been told by almost 50 years of legal abortion.”

He quoted Mother Teresa, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Maximillian Colby and Pope John Paul II whose legacies are as staunch defenders of life, emotionally noting that “All of Heaven cries out against this crime…Any country that kills its own children has no future.”

He stressed that we must pray for our government and church leaders that they will have the strength and courage to overcome “the temptation of timidity and by far the worst of all— the temptation of wanting to be liked. We need our leaders to challenge us and to boldly preach an unpopular gospel…”

He asserted there is no cause more important than affirming the “sanctity of life ethic.”“We the people” must use the formidable weapon of “will and moral courage as free men and women” in a democratic society to eradicate the “destructive tolerance of evil” that has befallen our nation. We must never surrender the freedoms intended by our Founding Fathers, and for which many have sacrificed mightily, for us, our children and future generations to be able to stand for moral truths. 

His parting words were: “My Brothers and Sisters…God chose you. So what are you going to do about it?” He quoted President Reagan saying remember this: “Evil is powerless, if the good are unafraid.”

We are so thankful to The Reverend Arthur Unachukwu, of Holy Cross Catholic Church and Council for Life Advisory Board member, for his beautiful opening prayer. Father Arthur began by proclaiming the Word of our Almighty Father is Truth and Life. He thanked God for creating each and every one of us in His image. How precious that He called each of us by name and knew us before we were even born.

Father Arthur powerfully expressed how we are all deeply wounded and sorry for the many babies lost to the sin of abortion and the vicious attack on human life. He asked the Lord to “forgive and heal us as a people, as a community, as a family, as individuals, so we may once again reclaim the awe and wonder of the sacredness of human life in all its stages from conception, through life, in death and into eternal life.”

He thanked the Lord for and asked Him to bless all those who are part of this sacred calling, especially the Beneficiaries doing His lifesaving work.

He concluded by praying, “Fill us with your Holy Spirit and send us where you need us to go to speak your Word of Life boldly with love and courage so that your Holy Name may be known, honored and magnified.” He asked God to convert the hearts of our nation and world so “we might once again celebrate the fullness and abundance of Life without compromise.”

We are forever grateful to our Honorary Chairs Norma Hunt and Tavia and Clark Hunt for their deep personal dedication and generous philanthropic commitment to the sanctity of human life. We are so appreciative of their leadership through the years on Council for Life’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board.

We are forever thankful for our 2022 Luncheon Beneficiaries serving the urgent, increased Post-Roe needs of mothers, fathers and families facing the complex issues surrounding unplanned pregnancies. Our Luncheon video highlighted the leadership and missions of Catholic Pro-Life Community, Fort Worth Pregnancy Center and Hope Women’s Center.

Huge heartfelt thanks to our Luncheon Underwriters, Patrons and Guests for most generously supporting our mission to protect precious unborn babies.

We are appreciative of the distinguished government officials in attendance at the Luncheon who have fought boldly and courageously for the unborn. From Texas, we were honored to have Senator Bryan Hughes, Representative Tan Parker, Senator Angela Paxton and Attorney General Ken Paxton. From Mississippi, we were honored to have leaders instrumental in the Dobbs case— Attorney General Lynn Fitch, Solicitor General Scott Stewart and Speaker of the House Philip Gunn.

The needs of our 2022 Beneficiaries are greater and more urgent than ever in a Post-Roeworld. Please consider making a donation to support our Beneficiaries by clicking here. 

Thank you and God Bless!