We are deeply distressed that the Dallas City Council agenda for its meeting TOMORROW, FEBRUARY 8, includes the following item for individual consideration:

“A resolution commemorating the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and affirming the city’s support for abortion rights.”

Here are a few of the highly disturbing Sections from the Resolution:

SECTION 1. That the City of Dallas is committed to a world where abortion care is affordable, available and supported for everyone who needs it.

SECTION 2. That the City of Dallas is proud to support our Planned Parenthood reproductive health centers, the Afiya Center, abortion funds and practical support organizations, and other local reproductive health centers, who provide vital services to our local communities.

SECTION 3. That the City of Dallas is committed to working with local leaders and stakeholders to advance comprehensive abortion justice policies that address the lived realities of abortion access.


First, PLEASE PRAY that this unconscionable resolution does not pass.

Second, PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW. Any concerned citizen wishing to speak at tomorrow’s meeting should sign up with the City Secretary’s Office by calling (214) 670-3738 by 5:00 p.m TODAY. Citizens can find out the name of their representative and their voting district by calling the City Secretary’s Office.

Read the Memorandum HERE and Resolution HERE for tomorrow’s meeting.

This horrifically unsettling resolution endorsing and celebrating the murder of innocent life in the womb does not reflect the heart and soul of the City of Dallas and its citizens.

We continue to pray for unity in our city, state and nation for all to honor the humanity of every unborn life.

Council for Life