Earlier this month, The Dallas Morning News published an opinion piece by our 2023 Troutt Lecture speaker, Dr. Miriam Grossman.

Dr. Grossman is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who focuses on gender-distressed young people and their parents.

In the article, Dr. Grossman criticizes the American Psychiatric Association’s recent publication, Gender-Affirming Psychiatric Care. She points out that the publication is riddled with medical misinformation.

A few highlights include:

  • Almost all (90%) of the 56 authors of Gender-Affirming Psychiatric Care are “transgender, non-binary, and/or gender-expansive.”
  • Dr. Grossman points out that even progressive European countries treat youth gender dysphoria with psychotherapy before any gender-affirming procedures or medications.
  • The APA claims in this publication that puberty blockers are fully reversible despite the vast research that suggests otherwise.
  • Dr. Grossman along with over 6,700 physicians have penned an open letter to the APA requesting they retract the textbook until their “concerns are addressed and the errors and omissions corrected.”


We encourage you to read Dr. Grossman’s full opinion piece here.

If you missed our Troutt Lecture last year and Dr. Grossman’s eye-opening presentation, see our recap here.

We are grateful for Dr. Grossman’s dedication to protecting the sanctity of life and educating the community about the dangers of the transgender ideology.

Council for Life