This past Tuesday, we shared that our City of Dallas had joined the dubious ranks of Austin, Denton and San Antonio and other cities in the U.S. in putting forth legislation to protect abortion rights.

We are grieved that yesterday the Dallas City Council voted 13-1 to overwhelmingly pass the Reproductive Rights Resolution.  The Resolution states “the City of Dallas honors the right of pregnant persons to bodily autonomy and control over their private medical decisions” and “access to safe and legal abortion is a major factor in the long-term health, safety, and quality of life of pregnant people.” The Resolution limits city resources being used in investigations of abortions, including directing law enforcement to make abortion-related investigations their “lowest priority.” (See the “Reproductive Rights Resolution” HERE)

The Dallas Morning News reported “council member Adam McGough tried to delay the vote and more than half of the 29 people who spoke about the Resolution urged council members to either reject it or push the vote back to allow more people to weigh in.” The vote was pushed forward anyway, and McGough cast the sole vote against the Resolution. “This is a failure in leadership and a failure of policy,” McGough said. “And we’re going to have a lot of negative implications from it.” (Read The Dallas Morning News article HERE)


Much prayer is needed for unborn babies and their mothers in our city, state and nation. Please pray for hearts and minds of government leaders and others in positions of authority and influence to honor the sanctity of life. We are thankful that Dallas City Council Member Adam McGough spoke boldly and courageously for life. Please pray for the Texas Human Life Protection Act banning abortion in our state effective August 25 to be respected and enforced as the supreme law.

Thank you for sharing in our mission to protect the worth, dignity and irrefutable humanity of every precious unborn baby. Let us continue to make our voices heard, as we go forth to do Christ’s work in the world, “speaking the truth in love” as Ephesians 4:15 directs us.