Dear Friends,

We are deeply disturbed that last Wednesday our Dallas City Council resoundingly voted 10-1 for a resolution commemorating the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and affirming our city’s support for abortion rights. Several Council for Life Board members and Staff attended the meeting. We were struck by the irony that the birthday of Council member Jesse Moreno was celebrated at the meeting while he and all but one of the other Council members supported this resolution denying birthdays for thousands of babies

The resolution states that “the City of Dallas is proud to support our Planned Parenthood” and other abortion providers and “urges President Biden” to advance abortion access policies. (Read the Memorandum HERE, the Resolution HERE and The Dallas Morning News article HERE)

Council member Adam McGough was the lone brave voice to vote against this unconscionable resolution endorsing and celebrating the murder of innocent life in the womb.

The City plans to send copies of the resolution to Governor Greg Abbott.

The fact that this resolution was even up for consideration was not surprisingly clandestine. Council for Life was thankfully informed last Tuesday afternoon and able to hurriedly notify our constituents that the Dallas City Council meeting the next day included this agenda item and any concerned citizen wishing to speak at the meeting could sign up with the City Secretary’s Office by 5:00 PM.

Several of our CFL Advocates for Life let us know that they were previously unaware of this resolution until they received our communication. We are so thankful to God that these passionate, bold souls signed up and spoke either in person or virtually ahead of the Council vote, urging the Council NOT to approve the resolution. We prayed together with many of them in the Council Chamber for the hearts and minds of the Council members to be transformed to support the rights of the innocent unborn and the brave mothers who choose life by voting “No” to the resolution. 

This heinous resolution does not reflect the City of Dallas and its citizens. We are grateful that our State Representatives are speaking out and calling on Attorney General Ken Paxton to investigate.

God’s timing never ceases to amaze us. THIS WEEK on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16, Council for Life is hosting our Life Lessons Box Lunch featuring Scott Klusendorf. This educational event is exactly what we need to be equipped for conversations in our Post-Roe world that clearly and stridently embraces abortion rights.

Please learn more about Life Lessons HERE and register yourself and friends for Life Lessons HERE 

Finally, PLEASE PRAY for Council member Adam McGough and THANK HIM for courageously taking a bold public stand for Life. PLEASE PRAY for all the leaders of our city, state and nation to recognize the humanity of the unborn and the truth about the devastating destruction of abortion for women, men and babies.