Yesterday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration lifted a long-standing restriction on access to chemical abortion pills representing a major victory for pro-abortion advocates. Women seeking abortion pills have long been required under federal law to pick up the pills in person from specially certified health providers. Now, a woman is allowed to have a telemedicine appointment and receive her abortion pills in the mail to terminate her pregnancy and end the life of her unborn baby in her home.

During the pandemic, the FDA temporarily relaxed abortion pill (mifepristone or RU-486 taken with the hormone blocker misoprostol) safety protocols at the federal level which resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of chemical abortions nationally and in Texas. This most recent decision makes the FDA’s temporary loosening permanent and will intensify the disturbingly upward trajectory in the number of chemical abortions.

In a chemical abortion, the first drug mifepristone blocks the natural hormone progesterone, causing the developing baby to die from lack of vital nutrients. The second drug misoprostol induces powerful uterine contractions to expel the deceased baby from the womb. Dangerous complications from chemical abortions occur at a much higher rate than surgical abortions, including incomplete abortion, future miscarriage and stillbirth, excessive bleeding, and hemorrhaging and death from undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy.

Thankfully, the FDA’s decision will not likely have a significant impact in Texas. The Chemical Abortion Restriction Act (SB4) prohibiting chemical abortions by mail or delivery service just went into effect in our state on December 2. (Read SB4 HERE.) Praise God that 18 other states primarily in the South and Midwest have also banned telemedicine visits for medication abortions.

We remain thankful that our Texas Governor and Legislature make the protection of mothers and their babies a priority through laws like the Chemical Abortion Restriction Act and the Heartbeat Act protecting unborn babies in Texas with a detectable heartbeat.

Please join us as we continue to pray for:

  • Many unborn babies’ lives in Texas to be saved by the continued enforcement of the Texas Heartbeat Act and the Chemical Abortion Restriction Act.
  • Abortion-minded and determined women in Texas to seek care from life-affirming pregnancy resource centers in our state rather than traveling to other states like Oklahoma, Louisiana and Kansas to terminate their pregnancies.
  • Abortion clinics in Texas to be forced to close.
  • Hearts and minds of abortion providers and proponents determined to strike down the Texas Heartbeat Act, the Chemical Abortion Restriction Act and other abortion restrictive laws to be transformed to value and love every unborn child.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court Justices to see clearly the irrefutable humanity of the unborn and that innocent life in the womb should be protected from the unspeakable horror and barbaric practice of abortion.
  • The case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization now before SCOTUS addressing the constitutionality of Mississppi’s Gestational Age Act that prohibits abortion after 15 weeks to overturn Roe v. Wade.
  • The more than 63 million babies that have been aborted in the United States since the nearly 50 yer old Roe decision came down.
  • God’s protection over our country, state and government and judicial leaders and ALL who courageously stand for the unborn.