We stand on the precipice of another historical year in the battle for life after Roe. The month of March is filled with grim reminders that the fight to protect the unborn is even more fierce, evil and urgent in our nation and world than we could have ever imagined.

Here are the latest new stories:

  • CVS and Walgreens to Begin Selling Abortion Pills
  • SCOTUS will Hear Oral Arguments in Abortion Pill Case
  • Abortion Rights Central Theme at State of the Union
  • France Becomes First Country in the World to Enshrine Abortion as a Constitutional Right  

CVS and Walgreens to Begin Selling Abortion Pills

CVS and Walgreens, the two largest pharmacy chains in the United States, announced last Friday they will begin filling prescriptions this month for the deadly chemical abortion pill Mifepristone. FDA regulations do not currently require women to have an in-person doctor’s visit before obtaining the pills from the pharmacy chains.

CVS will soon be dispensing the pills in all of its pharmacies in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Walgreens will begin providing the pill this week in pharmacies in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California and Illinois.

Both chains said they would expand to other states where abortion is legal. Eventually, about half of the states in the country will likely be dispensing the lethal pills. (See New York Times article HERE and Washington Post article HERE)

What is Mifepristone? Mifepristone is the chemical abortion drug approved by the FDA in 2000 to terminate the life of an unborn baby. Mifepristone is used in well over half the abortions in America. Mifepristone is often used well beyond the FDA approved gestation period of through 10-weeks because women do not have an in-person doctor’s visit and miscalculate how far along they are in their pregnancy. In a chemical abortion, Mifepristone blocks the natural hormone progesterone, causing the developing baby to die from lack of vital nutrients. A second drug Misoprostol is then taken to induce powerful uterine contractions to expel the deceased baby from the womb.

What are the dangers of Mifepristone? Of course, Mifepristone kills unborn babies, but women also face a host of risks. Dangerous complications from chemical abortions occur at a much higher rate than surgical abortions, including incomplete abortion, septic shock, future miscarriage and stillbirth, excessive bleeding, and hemorrhaging and death from undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy. These risks increase with advanced pregnancy and lack of medical supervision. Up to one in five women will experience complications from the abortion pill. Women are flooding Emergency Rooms across the nation with life threatening injuries from abortion pills. (See Life News article HERE)

Chemical abortions are often called “medication” abortions by abortion proponents to sound more like healthcare.

Reaction from Pro-Life Side

Reaction from Biden Administration

This is Chemical Abortion

Watch this revealing docuseries produced by Students for Life of America This is Chemical Abortion. For more information about the dangers of abortion drugs, go to

Learn more about Abortion Pill Reversal which is available to women who have taken the first dose of the abortion pill Mifepristone, immediately regret their decision and wish to reverse the effects of the abortion pill.

SCOTUS will Hear Oral Arguments in Abortion Pill Case March 26

Friday’s announcement from CVS and Walgreen’s takes on even more importance as it comes just weeks before the U.S. Supreme Court is set to consider access to chemical abortion.

On March 26, SCOTUS will hear oral arguments in one of the highest-stakes, most closely watched cases of the term. The High Court’s ruling in the dual petitions of U.S. Food and Drug Administration v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine and Danco Laboratories v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine could significantly limit the availability of the chemical abortion drug Mifepristone. (See Council for Life News article HERE and The Hill article HERE)

Alliance Defending Freedom originally filed the lawsuit in 2022 on behalf of several pro-life groups and physicians. On August 16, 2023, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit unanimously upheld part of Federal District Court Judge Mattthew Kacsmaryk’s ruling that the FDA likely violated the law and must reinstate necessary safeguards to protect the health and safety of women lifted by the FDA since 2016.

SCOTUS could reinstate these critical safeguards, including (i) the prohibition of chemical abortion drugs sent through the mail, (ii) only allowing the drug up to the 7th week of pregnancy rather than the 10th week and (iii) the requirement of three in-person doctor visits.

Numerous amicus briefs have been filed by pro-life organizations such as Human Coalition and Heartbeat International imploring the Supreme Court to intervene by upholding the Fifth Circuit ruling and prioritizing the protection of both mothers and their unborn children. Assertions in these briefs include that women are uninformed about the side effects and trauma they might experience from at-home chemical abortions. Furthermore, women are at serious risk of covert forced abortions from sex traffickers, boyfriends and husbands, parents or other abusers who obtain the deadly pills.

The Supreme Court’s ultimate ruling in the case, anticipated to be released in June, could potentially impact whether pharmacies are allowed to continue dispensing chemical abortion pills. 

Abortion Rights Central Theme at March 7 State of the Union

Democrats across the country are putting abortion access at the heart of their 2024 political messaging. President Biden has invited Kate Cox to be his special guest at the State of the Union, tomorrow, March 7, and she has accepted. Cox is the Texas woman who brought a lawsuit against the State of Texas asking to be allowed to abort her 20-week-old baby girl with Trisomy 18 and traveled to New Mexico to obtain an abortion. (See Council for Life News article HERE and Life News article HERE)

In addition, U.S. Representative Democrat Colin Allred invited Dallas obstetrician / gynecologist Austin Dennard to attend the State of the Union. Dennard traveled out of state for an abortion after learning her unborn baby had a life-limiting diagnosis. (See Dallas Morning News article HERE)

France Becomes First Country in the World to Enshrine Abortion as a Constitutional Right 

French Women Jubilant that Abortion has just become a Constitutional Right in France

In an historical moment yesterday, France became the first country ever to make abortion a constitutional right. The bill overwhelmingly passed and prompted a standing ovation from nearly all the French lawmakers gathered in Versailles for their Parliament session.

French President Emmanuel Macron gleefully took to social media emphasizing the vote’s importance as a source of “French pride” sending a “universal message”. The amendment will be formally adopted into the French constitution this Friday, March 8, on International Women’s Day during a public ceremony in Paris.

Immediately following the vote, the Eiffel Tower was lit up with the message: “My Body My Choice”. (See BBC article HERE)

Continue to Pray for those in Positions of Authority

Please pray for the U.S. Supreme Court Justices, the Alliance Defending Freedom lawyers and those in positions of authority all over the world who boldly and courageously stand up for Life. Please pray for their protection as they defend the most vulnerable — the unborn — and protect women from the physical and emotional harm of abortion.