U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision on Chemical Abortion Pill Expected Today: Abortion is Before SCOTUS AGAIN Less Than One Year After Roe Overturn

Dear Friends,

The spiritual warfare of abortion continues to be front and center in our country. Lord, hear our prayers.


The chemical abortion pill Mifepristone, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2000, is before the Supreme Court of the United States less than one year since the High Court overturned Roe v. Wade. SCOTUS is expected to release a decision by this evening that could put a hold or create restrictions on the sale and distribution of chemical abortion pills nationwide (source).

Chemical abortion by Mifepristone is the killing method of choice in the deadly but lucrative business of abortion and now accounts for well over half of the abortions in our country (source).

Please pray for the U.S. Supreme Court Justices to rule on the side of Life today. Please pray for their protection and the protection of Federal District Court Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, the U.S. Court of Appeals, the Fifth Circuit Justices, and all those in positions of authority who boldly and courageously defend the unborn.

The shifting legal landscape of chemical abortion pill case

We are breathless at the unfolding and constantly changing legal course of events in just two weeks.

Federal District Court

SCOTUS is reviewing the decision released on Good Friday two weeks ago today (source). Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, a Federal District Court Judge in Amarillo, Texas, ruled that the FDA made a series of legal errors and wrongly approved the chemical abortion pill drug Mifepristone.

Fifth Circuit

The Biden Administration immediately appealed Judge Kacsmaryk’s ruling to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. The Fifth Circuit partly overruled the lower court’s ruling suspending the FDA’s approval of the drug 20 years ago due to the statute of limitations, but reinstated critical safety regulations that had been lifted by the FDA in more recent years.

The Fifth Circuit ruling (source):

  • Bans the mailing of chemical abortion pills
  • Reinstates the requirement that only a doctor is allowed to prescribe the pills and the pills be picked up in person
  • Moves back the gestational age at which a pregnant woman is allowed to take the pill from 10 weeks gestation to seven weeks
  • Found the FDA’s approval of generic mifepristone unlawful


U.S. Supreme Court

Immediately after the Fifth Circuit’s ruling, the U.S. Justice Department, on behalf of the FDA, filed an emergency appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court. Attorney General Merrick Garland stated the Justice Department would seek “emergency relief from the Supreme Court to defend the FDA’s scientific judgment and protect Americans’ access to safe and effective reproductive care” (source).

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito handles emergency requests from the Fifth Circuit. Justice Alito issued a temporary pause on the request last Friday which was scheduled to expire this past Wednesday, but extended it this week until 11:59 p.m. today.

Today’s ruling will likely not end the need for SCOTUS to make decisions about Mifepristone (source). Legal experts are speculating about a number of possible outcomes today, including either pausing Judge Kacsmaryk’s ruling or allowing the Fifth Circuit’s ruling to take effect while the appeal process with the Fifth Circuit continues. The High Court may also decide to place the case on its regular docket or do something completely different.

What is Mifepristone? What are the Dangers of Chemical Abortion?

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