On January 20, 2023, Council for Life Board and Staff  joined 100,000 other pro-life advocates in Washington, D.C., for the 50th Annual March for Life— the first in a post-Roe America. The theme for this year’s March for Life Next Steps: Marching into a Post-Roe America emphasized the need in the absence of Roe v. Wade for us to continue boldly advocating to protect innocent life against radical pro-abortion legislation at both the state and federal level

The March began with a concert and Noon Rally on the National Mall where the enthusiastic crowd heard from an impressive lineup of speakers, including former NFL head coach and Hall of Famer Tony Dungy and his wife Lauren Dungy, who have adopted eight children, actor Jonathan Roumie who portrays Jesus in the award-winning series The Chosen, Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch who won the Dobbs Supreme Court case that overturned Roe v. Wade, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise and American Evangelist and Missionary Franklin Graham who delivered the closing prayer. 

At 1:00 PM, March for Life participants began the traditional march down Constitution AvenueIn a slightly different route meant to symbolize abortion opponents’ new focus on legislation, marchers passed by the Capitol instead of heading directly to the U.S. Supreme Court as in years past.

The March was a somber reminder of the millions of lives lost to abortion in the past 50 years, but also a celebration of how far we have come and where we need to focus our effort as we enter this new era in our quest to protect life.

Yes, the reversal of Roe was certainly a massive victory. But much PRAYER is needed. Abortion is still tragically pervasive in our nation and the fight for the unborn is fiercer than ever. 

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch greeted the March for Life crowd with the prayer, “To God be the glory!” She said the pro-life cause remains fragile and “aspirational” until the environment changes for mothers and children:

“It’s our charge in this new Dobbs era, to channel that determination and hope and prayer that led you to these streets, and use it to make changes. Use it to support women when they are pregnant and use it to make more affordable quality child care, make it more accessible. Use it to promote workplace flexibility and to make fathers equally responsible for their children. Use it to upscale resources for womenand to fix adoption and foster-care systems.”

Council for Life will continue our efforts in 2023 and beyond to carry out our two-part mission to: (1) EDUCATE our community about the complex issues surrounding unplanned pregnancies and (2) FUNDRAISE to support life-affirming agencies aligned with our mission. 

Thank you for partnering with us as we strive to unite our city to love and protect precious unborn babies, support women as they courageously choose life and pursue motherhood and provide hope and healing to the countless women and men suffering from the devastation of abortion.

We are forever honored to serve our Lord — the Author of Life — alongside you in this momentous time for Life.