On Wednesday evening, September 7, Council for Life hosted an event at Dallas Country Club featuring Fox News Commentator and Federalist Co-Founder Ben Domenech. The Dobbs Decision: A Conversation with Ben Domenech provided a very special opportunity to hear Ben’s perspective on the Dobbs decision and the overturning of Roe.

The ballroom at Dallas Country Club was filled as Council for Life constituents came together to enjoy hors d’oeuvres, drinks and fellowship and to hear Ben discuss Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Dobbs is the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent historical decision resulting in the broad sweeping reversal of Roe v. Wade— the High Court’s landmark 1973 decision creating a nationwide constitutional right to abortion. This monumental case overturns 50 year old Supreme Court precedent, returns authority to legislate abortion to the people and their elected representatives and dramatically impacts the abortion issue going forward.

We are so grateful for Ben’s willingness to use his platform for speaking out on the issue of Life. Ben’s intelligent, authentic perspective on the Dobbs decision and the overturning of Roe was often times visibly emotional.

“Most of the world has learned from the reality of the negative consequences for their societies of teaching people that life doesn’t matter. And I think that unfortunately in America, that lesson is one that not a lot of people have learned; that we need to start teaching; that we need to start speaking up for. Because in every child, is that spark of the divine.” Ben Domenech

Ben opened with an exuberant “Can you believe it? We did it!” Many of us can relate to his feeling about the overturning of Roe: “I thought it would happen in my lifetime, but I didn’t think it would happen this soon.”

Ben noted that a lot of us, including our elected leaders, were unprepared for this moment of “a reality without Roe” and not ready to make the persuasive pro-life arguments.


Ben encouraged us to be courageous. He challenged us to make the argument for life loudly and openly in our communities that others cannot or will not make and live it out through organizations like Council for Life!


He observed there is a generation of Americans for whom Roe is a matter of faith that represented the “pinnacle of feminist achievement.” We need to “press ahead” with a generation that is equipped with the arguments for life that “we all know deep in our hearts are true.”  We have a younger generation who grew up with sonogram pictures on their refrigerators. They come to this issue through the lens of science and an understanding of the development and viability of human life in the womb. They are the future significant leaders of our country.


Ben acknowledged the spiritual side of the abortion issue. We are in a battle of evil that intentionally targets pro-life people. According to Ben, this evil must be confronted, called out and highlighted.


Please join us in heeding Ben’s call for action “in this moment” for the fight for LIFE. This opportunity to live out the truth in what we believe is a “gift from God.”


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