Thank you to all those who joined us on April 1, 2023 for the Council for Life Young Leaders for Life service project at Mercy House! We enjoyed a day of fun, fellowship, sweat and laughter as we “dug” into the cleaning and landscaping projects.

The Mercy House Ministries “operates a maternity home in the Dallas, Texas area that serves, supports and ministers to unwed mothers. [Their] staff and volunteers bless the mother with pregnancy care, life skills training and Christian discipleship. [The] home is a refuge that is dedicated to the emotional and spiritual support of the newly developing family.”

The Mercy House is happy to accept volunteers at any time. Visit the Mercy House website to learn more.

Through the generosity of donors to Council for Life, we were able to provide flowers and gardening materials to Mercy House to add to the warmth and beauty of their wonderful home. We found Mercy House to be a place of refuge, hope, and love. The staff and residents graciously welcomed us into their space and allowed us to share in the blessing of their home for the day.


“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.” Proverbs 11:25


We experienced the truth of the above verse, finding total joy in the work of tilling, fertilizing, planting and *watering* the flowers, while serving alongside a former resident (now staff) and her eager-to-help son. He has already accrued more than 100 volunteer hours in his precious 3 years of life! We are grateful to all those who served, and to Mercy House for their hospitality and graciousness to us and for their daily investment of Christ’s love in the women and babies in their care, each made in the image of and cherished by our Creator.

A special thanks to Young Leaders for Life Co-Chairs, Julia Geyer and Patrice Peoples!