We are a part of Council for Life and consist of twenty-thirty year olds who are passionate about supporting life in all of its stages.  Please check out our vision, mission statement, and core values and see if you would like to partner with us.  We host several events throughout the year and are looking to both educate and empower our younger generation on the importance of life.  We hope that the cause for life will be our generation’s cause, leading to an overflow of action in love, hope, and joy towards valuing life in every aspect. 

VISION | To become the generation of young men and women who wholly love life. To foster a generation that affirms and respects the value of life.

MISSION | Cultivating an ethic of life by sharing stories that change hearts and minds.


We are a part of Council for Life. Council for Life exists to empower women, men, and youth to make life-affirming choices. The core values of Council for life are as follows:

We believe in the sanctity of Life and that Life begins at conception.

We exist to equip and educate our community about issues concerning Life.

The Word of God is our foundation of truth.

We seek to ensure that all our endeavors glorify God.

We are committed to under girding everything we say and do with love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness acting in compassion.

We believe God redeems us and restores us.

We educate, but we do not legislate

2017 YLFL Leadership Team

Bryan Newman,  President

Chase Campbell, Men's Initiatives Chair

Christopher Haley, Education Chair 

Frances Cope, Events Co-Chair

James Madden, President Emeritus 

Kat Williamson, Advocate Engagement Chair 

Kristin Stentiford, Communications Chair

Kyle Waldrop, Special Projects

Obinna Jon-Ubabuco, Development Chair 

Sadie Batson, Member Liaison

Taylor Miller, Events Chair

Veronica Buehnerkemper, Education Chair

Please visit our Facebook page for more information on upcoming events with the Young Leaders for Life.